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Den Hung cross country 2017

The tournament took place on the morning of August 20 at the National Historical-Historical Park of Ho Chi Minh City, attended by more than 200 racers of the national cycling teams movement in the country.


New Trek Emonda breaks the 650g barrier

At 690g, Trek’s last generation Emonda was one of the lightest production framesets in the world. For the 2018 model Trek has pushed the boundaries even further making a 640g (H1, vapor coat paint, 56cm) frame for the standard brake model.

Even with this superlight chassis the Emonda is still backed with Trek’s lifetime warranty. The firm has added a disc brake model for the first time and increased tyre clearances on both configurations, too. The disc brake frame tips the scales at an impressive 665g (H1, vapor coat paint, 56cm) – that’s lighter than the previous generation caliper bike.

So as a direct comparison between old and new:

  • Emonda SLR (previous) 56cm H1 fit: 690g
  • Emonda SLR (new) 56cm H1 fit: 640g
  • Emonda SLR Disc 56cm H1 fit: 665g

It’s not just a matter of weight reduction, however, as Trek also claims the new Emonda is stiffer at the headtube, bottom bracket, and in the frame overall, whilst at the same time introducing a little more vertical compliance. The standard fork tips the scales at 313g, and the disc 350g.

The Emonda SLR9 disc comes in this pretty bold fluro colourway
The carbon front mech mount is just one of the weight saving measures on the new Emonda

The development of the new Trek Emonda started more than three years ago, with initial studies and testing resulting in thousands of viable designs using HEEDS software (an engineering tool that allows for multi-parameters of data to informs the construction and shape of a frame). From that, more computing power in the form of FEA (finite element analysis) and plenty of further R&D into the materials and manufacturing process enabled Trek to produce the lightest frame it has ever made. Finally, the engineering and industrial design team built a series of prototypes, which were real world tested by the Trek Segafredo team.

The Emonda SLR9 disc comes in this pretty bold fluro colourway
Bontrager’s Montrose saddle features across the Emonda range

Every size and every configuration of the Emonda SLR will be available in both H1 and H2 fit for both disc and rim brake frames. So those who favour a longer and lower ride position have the H1, and riders looking for a more endurance focused shape can opt for the H2 fit models.

All of the SLRs are built with Trek’s OCLV 700 carbon. Product Manager Ben Coates is quick to point out that the 2018, 700 series carbon is different today than it was two years ago – the carbon grade and fibres have changed, the laminate has evolved, and even the production methods have been revamped.


The Emonda SLR9 disc comes in this pretty bold fluro colourway
The SL6’s finish with colour coordinated seat mast looks pretty special

Trek has continued with pretty much all of its proprietary features like the E2 tapered headtube, their BB90 bottom bracket, the ride-tuned seat mast, and the duotrap sensor built into the chainstay.

It has added in a carbon front mech mount, all of the threads (bottle bosses, etc.) are moulded into the frame – so no drillings – and on the disc bike the aluminium dropouts are co-moulded into the frame and fork, which Trek claims is the most efficient way to integrate thru’ axles.

The caliper braked Emonda is designed around direct mount brakes, with the advantage of increased tyre clearance over standard fittings. Bontrager designed a whole new direct mount version of its angular Speed Stop brakes built with hollow arms and titanium hardware. These tips the scales at just 95g.

It’s cheaper too

The flagship SLR model is now the SLR9, and compared to the last generations SLR10 that retailed for $15,749/£11,000 it’s a veritable bargain at £8,000.

The Emonda SLR9 disc comes in this pretty bold fluro colourway
The Emonda SLR9 disc comes in this pretty bold fluro colourway

The SLR range starts with the Ultegra equipped SLR6 at $4,999.99/£4,000. For those of us who can’t reach the pricing of the new SLR, then Trek has also launched an SL version built to the same design using the same molds and laden with the same tech details but using 500 series OCLV carbon.

The Emonda SLR9 disc comes in this pretty bold fluro colourway
The new SL6 gets full Ultegra, and Speed Stop brakes

The SL’s stats are: 1091g for the standard frame, 1149g for the disc, and the SL fork 313g, and the disc model 350g. Lower priced models get the 5 series fork (436g). Entry into the SL range starts at $2,000/£1,800.

2018 Trek Emonda pricing and availability

  • Emonda SLR 9 Dura Ace Di2; Late June; $11,000/£8,000
  • Emonda SLR 8 disc Dura Ace; Early July; $7,000/£5,600
  • Emonda SLR 8 Dura Ace; Mid July; $6,500/£5,200
  • Emonda SLR 6 Disc Ultegra; Late Oct; $5,500/£4,400
  • Emonda SLR 6 Ultegra; Early Sept; $50,00/£4,000
  • Emonda SLR FS H1; TBC
  • Emonda SLR FS H2; TBC
  • Emonda SL 7 Disc Ultegra Di2; Mid Oct; $5,000/£3,500
  • Emonda SL 7 Ultegra Di2; Mid Sept; $4,500/£3,100
  • Emonda SL6 disc Ultegra; Mid Oct; $2,999/£2,650
  • Emonda SL6 Ultegra; Mid Aug; $2,500/£2,250
  • Emonda SL5 105; Early July; $2,000/£1,800
  • Emonda SL5 WSD 105; Early July; $2,000/£1,800
  • Emonda ALR 6 Ultegra; Mid July; $2,300/£1,800
  • Emonda ALR 5 105; Mid July; $TBC/£1,350
  • Emonda SLR 4 Tiagra; Mid July; $TBC/1,000
  • Emonda ALR FS; $900/£775

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Cycling fesival- Dinh mountain challenge -Video


Cycling fesival- Dinh mountain challenge – Awards


Cycling fesival- Dinh mountain challenge

We also invite the whole family to get products from our sponsors Saigon Cycles, TREK, Bontrager …

Gifts total : 2.570$

1 Frame Road TREK Emonda S5 Carbon size 47cm: 999$ (Auction on Charity Foundation)

1 TREK MARLIN4 : 439$ (who predict the results on Linetreem)

I/ Team prizes (Road Bike):

Group 1: from 18 to 35 years old.

Prize 1: Helmet – Bontrager Balista : 220$

Prize 2: Bontrager Trip 100 – clock: 55$

Prize 3: Bontrager Multi-tool: 13$

Group 2: from 36 to 49 years old.

Prize 1: Saddle – Bontrager Montrose Elite Saddle : 220$

Prize 2: Clock Bontrager Trip 100:55$

Prize 3: Bontrager Multi-tool: 13$

Group 3: From 50 years old 

Prize 1: Bontrager Soltice Road Shoes : 110$

Prize 2 : Clock Bontrager Trip 100: 55$

Prize 3: Bontrager Multi-tool: 13$

II/ Mountain Bike Team Prizes:

Group 1: from 18 to 39 years old.

Prize 1: Helmet – Bontrager Helmet MTB Lithos :126$

Prize 2: Clock :Bontrager Trip 100:51$

Prize 3: Tube 26 Bontrager : 14$

Group 2:from 40 years old

Prize 1: Helmet – Bontrager Helmet MTB Lithos :126$

Prize 1: Clock Bontrager Trip 100: 51$

Prize 1: Tube 26 Bontrager : 14$

III/ Women’s Prizes:

Prize 1: Helmet – Bontrager Helmet MTB Quantum : 61$

Prize 2: Bontrager Satellite Elite Grip: 27$

Prize 3: Tube 26 Bontrager : 14$

IV/ Road Bike – Team prizes:

Prize 1: Helmet – Bontrager Balista : 220$

Prize 2: Bontrager Trip 100 – clock: 55$

Prize 3: Bontrager Multi-tool: 13$



Ho Tram – Learn To Swim Charity Ride

A group of local business men are investing in the construction of a new swimming pool in Ho Tram. Why is this of interest to us? Because of the poor record of water safety accidents in the waters of Vietnam. Too many children are lost in water related accidents across the region. The concerned group of Ho Tram business people are constructing the pool to teach children to swim. This is a potentially life saving skill that these children shall carry throughout their lives and hopefully pass on to their own children.

Saigon Cycles in cooperation with the Ho Tram business people are existing with a charity ride on the 20th of October, 2012 from Ho Chi Minh City to Ho Tram.

For more details, please contact Saigon Cycles at

Ok people, we now have 47 confirmed riders for the Ho Tram Water Safety Charity ride on October 20th. A great scenic route which will be a fun ride and lots of entertainment!

To register for the ride go to; ( and simply say you want to be a part of the ride.You choose what you want to do, the longer route for the road bike group of 120km or the 80km route for the Mountain/ cross / hybrid / whatever you have group!


Saigon Children’s Charity

Saigon Cycles is a supporter of the Saigon Children’s Charity as we feel it is important to support underprivileged and homeless children. Every one of our Sunday rides contributes to the annual donations to the Charity and we are active participants in the annual Hue to Hoi An Cycle challenge.Any rider interested in joining the ride in November can contact the store for details.