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Ho Tram – Learn To Swim Charity Ride

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A group of local business men are investing in the construction of a new swimming pool in Ho Tram. Why is this of interest to us? Because of the poor record of water safety accidents in the waters of Vietnam. Too many children are lost in water related accidents across the region. The concerned group of Ho Tram business people are constructing the pool to teach children to swim. This is a potentially life saving skill that these children shall carry throughout their lives and hopefully pass on to their own children.

Saigon Cycles in cooperation with the Ho Tram business people are existing with a charity ride on the 20th of October, 2012 from Ho Chi Minh City to Ho Tram.

For more details, please contact Saigon Cycles at

Ok people, we now have 47 confirmed riders for the Ho Tram Water Safety Charity ride on October 20th. A great scenic route which will be a fun ride and lots of entertainment!

To register for the ride go to; ( and simply say you want to be a part of the ride.You choose what you want to do, the longer route for the road bike group of 120km or the 80km route for the Mountain/ cross / hybrid / whatever you have group!

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