Though the Troll’s geometry is that of a 26″-wheeled mountain bike, it’s unlike most mountain bikes you’ll find on your local bike shop floor. It has ample clearance for 28/38/50t mountain-triple chainrings and room for 26 x 2.7″ tires. The gusseted front triangle, with its sloping top tube, provides generous stand over clearance even when running high-volume rubber.Use it as a mountain bike, cruiser, commuter or touring rig. Make it your go-to utility tractor. Try out different tires and handlebars. Add some racks, build it with gears, or strip it down to a single speed drivetrain. Take it camping, ride it to the grocery store or session on your favorite single-track. Build it up, ride it for a while, then reinvent it.
Colors agent orange,Pea Lime Pie Soup
Frames 16"