Speed Concept 7.5 - 2017


Speed Concept is pure drag-defying tri performance. It offers total aerodynamic integration, incredible fit, and even Project One customization, all in one incredible system. You own the course on Speed Concept. Design, components, and incredible fit combine to meet your best effort and propel you to new heights of performance. Welcome to the win.

Whole-bike integrated aero system is the world’s fastest
Integrated storage actually makes you and your bike faster
Largest range of sizes and adjustability for a perfect fit
You’ll feel the difference: nothing rides like a Trek

Colors Shady Grey
Frames 500 Series OCLV Carbon,BB90,DuoTrap compatible,KVF (Kammtail Virtual Foil) tube shape,SC Draft Box 2 & SC Speed Box compatible
Forks integrated brake & stem,SC KVF carbon,UCI legal
Sizes M

101,400,000 vnd 69,999,000 vnd